One of the hot discussion topics in the industry at the moment is whether slot machines (including video poker and video blackjack) or table games are the way of the future.

Slot machines are cheaper, make more money per player (and you can fit more players in per square foot). On the other hand, anyone can now play slot machines and video games on the internet.

One study suggests that younger players (who grew up with computers) actually prefer the novelty of table games just like older players prefer the bells and whistles of the slots.

Companies are going both ways, some are axing dealer jobs, pulling out blackjack tables and throwing in new slot machines, others are embarking on a dealer-hiring spree.

Obviously, the high rollers will still get personal service, but will the rest of us have to play blackjack against a touchscreen machine?

Personally, I think Internet gambling will severely wound slots and video gambling in casinos (although they will still rule the bars). Why go to a casino to do something you can do from home?

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