Many casino players find roulette a fascinating game because of its colorful and seemingly complex roulette table layout. Being a game of chance, roulette offers its players flexible betting options.

Of the two most common roulette games, the European roulette offers better winning odds to its players. Playing European roulette is simple. The same game mechanics are involved when playing roulette at land and virtual casinos.

The game of European roulette involves playing a roulette wheel and playing for numbers from the roulette table betting layout. A croupier, a dealer counterpart when playing other casino games, facilitates the spinning of wheels going in one direction and tossing the ball to the other direction.

The player will each place a bet on numbers from the roulette table where each number has a corresponding pocket on the roulette wheel where the roulette ball will land on. The player can bet from numbers from 1 through 36 and on a single zero in European roulette. This gives a total of 37 numbered pockets in all that are found from the roulette wheel.

How to play European roulette is relatively easy. The player only needs to choose which number they want to bet on from the roulette table and place their chips on the most appropriate location from the table. Playing a virtual European roulette game is as easy as clicking on the area where one likes to place a bet from the virtual roulette table.

There are two betting categories that are involved with European roulette. The inside and outside bets have a corresponding different payout and betting options. The inside bets are found on the inside area of the roulette table and offers the higher payout to win from roulette.

Inside bets have fewer group numbers usually from two to six. The outside bets involve larger group numbers typically from 12 to 18 roulette numbers and are found on the outside betting layout of the roulette table.

The player can always place multiple bets when playing European roulette which can significantly improve the odds of a player to win. Winning is determined as the spinning wheel gradually halt to a stop and the roulette ball finally drops to a numbered pocket. The number bearing the pocket from where ball lands on determines the winning roulette number.

A multiple bet can enhance a player’s odd of winning while learning the different bet types that can be played with roulette helps a player determine which bet has a higher winning value. Some casinos include a game rule called en prison that also allows the player to have the opportunity to double their winnings.

European roulette offers significant improved odds to play for in contrast to the odd of playing the American roulette version. The latter has a lower odd of winning owing to the presence of double zeros to play for that gives an odd of winning of 1:38 than the 1:37 odds in European roulette.

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